Can You Give Yourself 71 Minutes One Morning In June?

Welcome into June! As a lifelong Northern hemisphere dweller, June has always been my favorite month, if only for the beauty of the landscape and abundant light. My recent move to new weather patterns has made “June” one of my favorite words in the English language.

A walk down the Irish boreen brings me yellow irises and fuchsia battling for brightest color against the foxglove; a favorite fit for the fat bumblebees. The eye candy of white clematis cascades from the blooming Hawthorn trees; their flowers entwined with the fairy tree revealing its superiority with a blush of pale pink. I remember first tasting the tree’s tangy red berries last fall in the promise of strengthening my heart. A fern reaches out to touch my leg; grateful that it is not a stinging nettle, it brings my monkey brain back to the ancestral land where my feet stand. The smell of wild roses and honeysuckle combine with fresh cut grass for feed. The black plastic bails project me forward to the hibernation of winter that will be again.

The June landscape is throwing a party. Abundant birdsong praises the promise of growth that we waited for through the dark days and into spring. I hear the distant, misplaced clock. No longer feigning absurdity, I know the silly cuckoo bird is back. He calls from the river tree top where the solstice sun shines warm on his feathers as it does on my skin.

Each morning I choose to enter the party. Walking the road with all of my senses makes me part of the magic.

That brings me to my new mantra – it is healthy to believe in magic; the magic we can see, smell, touch, taste and hear outside of us.

And the unexplainable magic that exists within our beings inside the skin, beyond the bones and unencumbered by the recognition of face. Science and intellect may define and explain my biology through reductionist theory, but the enchantment of a June morning cannot be reduced. The magical landscape of Spirit is in full celebration!

My blessing for you this June, as we go toward and pass through the solstice, is that you find magic outside of and within your interior. There is a mystical fairy inside each of us begging to browse amongst the flowers…

June is when we earn our wings.

Peace and Light, Megan

Waking Slow Gentle Morning Flow for June

When you have the time to do a full hour + practice in the morning, starting slow and sweet and moving toward a bit of sweat, it is a great opportunity to feel the beneficial changes that your body and mind experience. This is a slow paced class that starts on the floor to wake up and stretch your whole body comfortably. Then it progresses to standing to bring you into balance, then peaks with a strong but supported downward dog to get some inverted hang time in with your head below your heart. This class is taught with 2 blocks, which I recommend. Learn to use blocks for more comfort or to create more strength and stability.

2 thoughts on “Can You Give Yourself 71 Minutes One Morning In June?”

  1. Silvia Oliver Cabra

    Megan, la manera que tienes de describir la magia de las pequeñas cosas hace que conecte mucho contigo, y es así magia siempre está ahí, sólo hay que estar despiertos para gustaría saber si ofreces alguna formación, aquí en Barcelona no es posible de encontrar, voy ha practicar este regalo de clase con mucho placer y cariño, mil gracias 😘🙏🏾🧘‍♀️❤️

    1. Dear Silvia, Thank you for your kindness and recognizing the small things with me. I do not have any teacher trainings planned in Spain, but I do have a Somatic Yoga Immersive Retreat training starting September 22 for 8 nights here at my home studio in Ireland. Please consider! I an also offering the training online this fall. I hope it suits you to join one or the other. Dia Feliz! Abrazos, Megan

      Here is a link to the trainings:

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