Embrace Quiet Community In A 7 Week Chakra Journey

For many years, on the Wednesday night before the US Thanksgiving – what I considered the start of the “official holiday season rush”, I offered Chakra Restorative Yoga to a full house at Bear Foot Yoga Studio. Traditionally, that Wednesday is a big drinking night at the bars. Loved ones return home and travelers talk over each other in catching up conversations. There is lots of excitement. The undeniable Christmas consumerism that waits for no other holiday puts us fully in the “to do” mode. 

The noisy, outward community celebration always seemed to go against the way that the natural world pulled me inside; inside my house, and inside my being. Long, cold November nights are meant to be met with hot soup, a book by the fire and an earlier bed time. I also knew that I had students who lived alone. Some were in the process of grief, which is heightened during the holidays. 

In November and December, the world embraces its dormancy. So should we. Dormancy does not mean loneliness. We can be dormant together in community, like deciduous trees in a forest that let go of their leaves together. Along with the trees, in that the dormant state, we build our subtle energy to bloom once again.

In a desire to provide a quieting community, the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Chakra Restorative ritual was born. It became one of my favorite nights of the year. To be able to give student’s permission to comfortably rest, fully awake in their own graceful presence, was the best present they could buy. 

I have wanted to share this ritual in video form for quite awhile. Being completely honest, the motivation to film this was more difficult than expected. I have been denying myself the still space to gently process the unsettling inner and outer world challenges. I know because Michael’s musical accompaniment almost sent me far from camera land, (so the practices will be repeated without cameras rolling ☺️).   I also miss your physical presence. The most beloved part of teaching the class in person was propping and “tucking in” each student 7 times! And since I did not have to talk much, I could focus on individual energy healing while they rested in their subtle body.  So I invite you to please imagine that I am in the room with you for the next 7 weeks, lovingly placing props under your deserved body and sending light to your being.  Because I will be! 

Peace and Light,


A word of caution: if you think you don’t need this seven week slow down journey, or don’t have time for it, that is the evidence that you DO need it. 

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