Evaluate Your Dreams to Give Ajna Chakra More Vision

The Ajna chakra is the space of self-reflection.  It gives you the “right to see” – to understand yourself through the workings of your mind. The Ajna corresponds to the pineal gland which regulates the sleep/wake cycle. One of the ways I assess the energy of my Ajna is in dreams. The Ajna can be pierced deliberately in meditation, but it also brings higher consciousness forward in the unconscious dream state.  Dreams that seem imaginary can bridge the gap between illusion, out of body experiences and what the psyche is expressing. 

Learning to tune into dreams gives the Ajna Chakra more vision. “Bad dreams” are a sign that the Ajna is out of balance, but they can be used to heal.

When you have vivid dreams, can you remember them?  If so, can you categorize them as release, warning or creation? Here is the process I go through to do so. 

Dreams That Release

Am I having scary dreams that are about worries, regrets or suffering? This is a sign that my Ajna is clearing. Releasing hardship through dreams is like hitting the hard reboot on a computer with opened files and pages that you don’t want to see. When the computer is turned back on (wake up), all the detrimental information that was on the desktop is no longer visible. If I search deep in the files, the details are still there; but I don’t do that! The particulars of the documents or my “stories” do not need to be visualized.  I simply note if there is any association between the dream(s) and past or present trauma or anguish.  The purging process only asks that I correlate the dream with thoughts I no longer want to keep on the mental desktop.  Even when there perception comes in a night terror,  I thank the Ajna for letting me see things that were hidden. Then I ask the Ajna energy to remove mental wounds from my higher mind’s “home page”.

Dreams As Warnings

Are my dreams premonitions? The Ajna works with both emotional signals and the rational part of our brain – combine this with the higher power of intuition – the Ajna is the big screen where precognitive dreams foreshadow the future.  Reality is often skewed. In every day life, it is easy to miss the whisper of intuition. We are not taught or rewarded for our ability to tap into intuition or felt sense. Unless you live in the woods free from devices, the consumerism/convenience model of the physical world dominates the physical senses in the daytime. The rational brain can be in denial or overtaken by worry and suffering. The brain goes on what it knows by repeating inadequate and inaccurate perceptions. When I am overstimulated, it is difficult to register bodily sensations of warning like gut pain or a racing heart. In a sleep state, the physical sensations of nightmares are strong enough to wake me up. Dreams that span from frightening to fantastical serve as cautionary tales.  Even when my wakeful meditations are mundane, psychic perception is available in the dream state.   Internal imagery from the Ajna guides me to prepare for harmful situations, or veer course to change the reality. 

Dreams Of Creation

Can my dreams guide my life? The third way I distinguish dreams is those that come as a vision of change to do something. The Ajna Chakra brings me out of the “I, me, my” mind and into a place of oneness. The demon of the Ajna is illusion; the greatest human illusion is of separation.  Spiritually, the Ajna connects us to our dharma or higher purpose. When I feel alone or lose my sense of purpose, the Ajna puts me back on the path in visionary dreams. The Ajna is associated with the element of light. Intuitive dreams light the path of clarity, connecting matter and spirit. The Ajna provides hopeful dreamscape when the every day mental level brings deep soul trouble.  Feelings of anger and an inability to relieve the suffering of others leaves me wanting to detach from the darkness of the human race. The intuition of the Ajna inspires me to trust myself and my gifts. Dreams may reveal hidden strengths, or unimagined potential outlets to overcome obstacles.  When in balance, the Ajna reconnects me to the physical world from a more hopeful spiritual view and guides me to make decisions for the greatest good of all.  

Perhaps tonight you will be blessed with a quiet, dream free sleep.  If not, try to remember your dream. Write it down. Recall just enough to decide if the dream was an invitation let something go, a warning of something or someone to avoid, or a mystical message of abundant guidance. 

May your dreams light up a path to peace in 2024.

Love, Megan

This week’s Chakra Restorative is an opportunity to clear out the mental clutter that you don’t want to carry over into the new year, protect yourself and propagate new seeds.

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  1. Exploring the connection between dreams and Ajna Chakra is fascinating! Your blog post offers insightful ways to evaluate dreams for greater vision. Thank you for sharing such valuable knowledge.

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