Explore Sacred Spirals In the Body

This body spiral practice came out of several inventive ingredients; The practical one being I laid on my newly finished floor to test the viscosity for what I thought would be a short moment and was still rolling around 45 minutes later in a cathartic state. I also recognized earlier in the week during several uphill hikes that it was taking conscious effort to get my pelvis and torso to follow my legs. Additionally, my neck and shoulders were sure they could help move my legs and would tense their muscles unnecessarily. And of course sheets of rain blowing sideways is an inviting backdrop for forgiving, floundering “make it up as you” go movement.

Motion as therapy

Any motion that keeps you engaged in your body is movement therapy if you ask me. Healing is dependent on what you say to yourself when you are engaged in your biological layers. Be your greatest fan, the loudest clapper at the concert – or the cheerleader with the white go-go boots if you wish. In the very least, do no harm by repeating the inner mantra “interesting” when something unpleasant or flawed emerges.

The sacred spiral is human nature

The spiral is deceptively simple motion that goes deep into all the layers of your being. We are literally and functionally constructed out of spirals in pregnancy. The sacred spiral starts with the cells arranging themselves in circular patterns to form the different tissues of the body, including muscles like the four chambers of your heart.

Our connection to the natural world

Nature is full of spiral patterns. Everything from the far away galaxies to animal horns to shells. Your homework is to notice where you see them this week! Another common spiral is seen in tree patterns. If we perceive ourselves as growing from spirals with a spine to steady us, we are not that different from trees. Our inner core contains the remnants of rings like an old oak tree. Feet and legs are the stable roots. Stay rooted and be strong but allow yourself some flexibility in the form of curious play when the wind blows.

Some of the obvious spiral patterns we see in nature are in weather patterns. To this end, I am sending thoughts of peace and healing to those affected by hurricane Ian.

In Light and Play, Megan

Link to: Lead with the Legs Full Body Somatic Spirals video

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