The Power To Emotional Health Lies In Your Sacral Chakras

Like all energy centers, when working with the svadhisthana chakra, it only takes one accepting impression on the mind to stay focused.  That impression can be an association with that particular chakra: awareness in the physical location, color, element, sense, a gland or organ, emotion, function, bija sound or any mantra or affirmation that sticks to you.  I gravitate to the meaning of the word “svadhisthana” itself.  

Sanskrit is a beautiful language, though complicated. There are often numerous meanings and interpretations for one word.  The common translation of  svadhaisthana is “swa” means “self” and “adhisthana” translates as “abode” or “standing over”.    Thus, this concept, summed up in the term “ones own place”, is what I most often use to direct my awareness into the sacred but often charged sacral chakra.   The meaning of the word svadhisthana is an invitation to take possession of my emotional identity and dwell in its power.  Passion is can be expansive or contractive; it is both attraction to something/one and repulsion from.  Either way, passionate emotion is power.  Exploring the emotions within yourself in meditation can be a safe space. Away from the triggers of the outside world,you find acceptance and comfort in your own thoughts and emotions. 

Part of being human is the creation of uncomfortable emotions – frustration, fear, anger, disgust, sadness.  It is not unhealthy to feel these emotions short term.  But when they are denied or left unattended, they create “dis-ease”.  We need to feel to heal.  Recognition is purification.  Acceptance is resolution.  

In doing this weeks Chakra Restorative meditation, don’t judge the forces of darkness within you. What do they represent?  You can’t lie to yourself. It takes energy to observe what is uncomfortable. It takes even more negative energy to obscure what is unpleasant.  Equally exhausting is living in the emotion as if it is who you are. 

My intention is to offer this meditation as a socially acceptable way to explore your emotional body. And please, invite more of the expansive passion.  It is your human power! 

Peace, Megan

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