100 Hour Somatic Yoga Training Immersions, West Cork, Ireland

Level 1, 50 Hour Training & Level 2, 50 Hour Training

Are you ready to explore your soma and share the soma love?

A 2 part 100 hour training - can combine in person and online options; scroll down to see the upcoming dates for Level 1 and Level 2

courses limited to 6 students

Who are these courses for?

These trainings take place at Embody Studio and B&B in Ballydehob, Ireland. The full immersion retreats are thoughtfully designed for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists.  They are also for other therapist, body workers and health care professionals who want to use movement as medicine.  Additionally, you will benefit from these trainings if you are currently a yoga or somatic practitioner and want to learn life long tools for self-care.  The in person immersion training options give you more opportunity to fully embody the blended traditions of yoga and somatics in yourself; and to authentically share new tools with clients.

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule for Level 1 and Level 2  will include 6-8 hours of training and practice, with a break to allow for self reflection, sound healings, hot tubs, guided local outings, hikes and an optional off premise meal.  We start each day with a morning practice from 8-10 am. The rest of the daily schedule is based on the conditions to make the most of the Irish weather.

Trainings begin at 1 pm on the Saturday with greetings, practice and dinner. Trainings conclude at 2 pm the following Saturday.  Please plan your travels accordingly and consider giving yourself and extra day at each end to ground, assimilate and enjoy West Cork!

Cost & Room Options

In Residence Cost:
€2,100 per person for private room and bath
€1,600 per person for double occupancy with private bath 
If you prefer to share a room with another student, please let us know.
Option for Additional Nights: To suite your travel schedule, there is an option to stay an extra night(s) before or after the training for €80 with two meals per day.
Non-Residential Cost: €1,200. If you would like to attend the training and have your own accommodations, this option includes the cost of full training with 2 meals per day but no lodging.

Payment Options & Inclusions

Payment Options: Non-refundable deposit of €300 to register, balance due on arrival.
Payment may be made by credit card, Venmo, Revolut, cash or IBAN/BIC direct bank transfer. Final payment of the full balance is due on arrival. Please be aware that  5% will be added to all foreign non-euro credit cards.
Pricing Includes:
50 hours of training with extensive manual, Somatic Yoga Teacher 50 Hour Certification for Level 1 or Level 2, accommodations for 7 nights, local outings and hikes,  2 meals per day and snacks: breakfast each morning and lunch or dinner 
Not included in pricing: transportation to Bantry or Skibbereen (where we will pick you up) and any off premise meals.

Where You Are

Please visit our general Retreat Page for Retreat Info & Policies, travel information, or click the link below “Embody Studio and B&B” to read about how to get here, what to bring and more information on the Embody Studio and Ballydehob.

Our private 7 acre property offers a custom built timber yoga studio, 3 bedrooms & 3 baths, settings for friendly conversation and solitary spaces in the countryside.  We are nestled in the mountains, but 10 minutes from the sea where the rocky coasts and sand beaches of the Mizen Head and Sheep’s Head Peninsulas await.  

Ballydehob is a colorful West Cork village on the Roaringwater Bay along the “Wild Atlantic Way”, uniquely situated to explore the vibrant coastal towns of Bantry, Skibbereen, Baltimore and Schull.

What To Bring

What is Somatic Yoga?

Somatic Yoga integrates the science of neuromuscular retraining with body consciousness through the breath. It is mainly done lying down or seated, making it extremely adaptable. When you slow down and experience yourself through conscious movement and breath, you learn to self-regulate the nervous system and keep your internal state steady and balanced. It is beneficial to all the systems of the body and can reduce pain, heal trauma, improve sleep, increase vitality, promote healthy aging and balance the subtle body.

Visit Megan’s YouTube channel or our web page on Somatic Yoga for more information.

Level 1 Sept. 21-28, 2024, (this training is full)

Next Available Dates: Feb. 22-March 1, 2025

Level 1 Immersive Training Retreat Overview

The Level 1 Somatic Yoga Training is designed to give yoga therapists, yoga teachers  and body workers the confidence to use Somatic Yoga in private therapy sessions, to offer Somatic Yoga classes, and make your current yoga classes more interesting, embodied and accessible by weaving in somatic movement. The training will also inspire your personal practice by giving you lifelong self-care tools for vibrant aging.

The training provides a deep but practical introduction to the principles of Somatic Yoga for common muscle imbalance patterns, chronic pain, trauma, disease, and mental well being.  Learn the application of Somatic Yoga through neuromuscular communication, interoception, proprioception and the subtle body (biofield) as it pertains to the Kosha Model in yoga therapy.

The Level 1 training includes 40+ Somatic Yoga practices, and a 100+ page course manual. 

Certification and Continued Support

Certification: On completion of the Level 1 course, you will be issued a certification of completion for the Somatic Yoga Level 1, 50 Hour Training. This course is listed on both International Association of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Alliance for approved professional development and continuing education credits.

Teacher Directory: If you are a professional sharing Somatic Yoga in one-on-one appointments or group classes, please submit your contact information and recent photo to be listed on the Embody with MM Website Certified Teacher Directory. 

Ongoing Support: Upon registration, students are invited to join the Somatic Yoga Facebook Page and/or WhatsApp group. These groups are spaces for professional discussion, information sharing and more personal community connection. After completion of Level 1, you can attend the ongoing monthly zoom Somatic Yoga Training Kula where we discuss practical implementation of material, professional experiences and mentoring.

Completing the level 1 course will entitle you to:

Learning path outline for Level 1 Training:

Lesson 1 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Body Scan for Embodiment
Constructive Rest and Fetal Curl
Inhalation as Levity. Exhalation as Gravity
Land and Locate in Your GPS
The Pioneers of Somatics
Clam Shell, Skier and Mermaid Tail
Body Based Therapy
Sensation Scale
Finding Support and Feedback Using the Ground and Wall
Somatic Yoga Definition
Supine Full Body X

Lesson 2 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Kinesthetic Awareness/Annamaya Kosha
Somatic Bridge Pose
Interoception and The Three Gunas
Embodiment, Interoception and Self-Regulation
Space of Grace
Qualities of the Felt Sense
Body Prayer Practice For Lower Body
Imagery Quiz
Active Imagery Practice
Imagery of Anatomy
Arch and Curl
Planes of The Pelvis
Moving From the Organs
Psoas Release with Inflatable Ball
Increase Interoception

Lesson 3 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Interoception – What It Is and What It Isn’t
Body Prayer for Upper Body
Proprioception: Another Perception of Body Related Stimuli
Proprioception: Open The Feet To Feel The Whole Body
Standing Side Stretch and Cross Body Reach for Proprioception
Body Mapping: Grow Your Hand Experiment
Body Tune Play And Body Mapping

Lesson 4 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:


Frontal Lobes
Somatic Backbend – Prone Cross Body Lift
Temporal Lobes
Chanting The Bija Seed Sounds
Parietal Lobes
Occipital Lobes
Somatic Yoga Eye Movements
Limbic  System
Spinal Chord
Nervous System: Central and Peripheral
Enteric Nervous System
Pelvic Rocking Into Full Body Arch & Curl

Lesson 5 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Muscle Memory
Somatic Cat Cow
Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA)
Cactus Arms and Angel Wings
Trauma In The Body
Neuromuscular Reflexes
Hanna’s Somatic Reflexes
Green Light Reflex – Action Using Muscles of Extension
Red Light Reflex – Withdrawl Using Muscles of Flexion
Trauma Reflex
The Role of Somatic Yoga In The Myth of Aging
Psychological And Emotional Benefits Of Somatic Yoga
Emotional Style Questionnaire
Why Stretching Doesn’t Change Muscle Length

Lesson 6 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Body Position and Breath
Breath Awareness Observation
Gentrify The Breath
Abdominal Breath to Relax
Muscles of Respiration
Diaphragmatic Breath for Activation of Deep Core Muscles
Introduction of Movement with the Breath
Breath Ratios and Mantra

Lesson 7 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

The Four Deep Core Muscles and Structural Pranayama With Mr. Bones
Diaphragmatic Breath for Activation of Deep Core Muscles
Arch and Curl to Explore Diaphragm and TVA
Pelvic Floor Muscles with Mr. Bones
Four Deep Core Rhythm
Arch/Curl Bridge to Explore TVA & Pelvic Floor
March In Place
Somatic TVA and Oblique Strengthening
Bracing to Awaken TVA and Pelvic Floor
Intuitive Core Slo-Mo Ball Play
Find & Feel Multifidus: Somatic Bird Dog
Somatic Boat Pose
Side Lying Multifidus & Core Stability
Psoas – GPS Of The Internal Body
Psoas Slide
Supine Psoas Release

Lesson 8 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Bones and Muscles of the Pelvis with Mr. Bones
Movements to Awaken, Balance and Stabilize The Pelvis
Seated Internal/External Hip Rotation
Walk In Place
Reclining Somatic Hip Internal Rotation
Moving The Girdles With Wiper Arms and Legs
Somatic Hip External Rotation
Prone Somatics for Muscles of Hip Extension
Standing Leg Pendulum To Balance Hip Extensors and Flexors
Z Sit Pelvic Stabilization
Chair Z Sit Pelvic Stabilization
Pelvic Reset

Lesson 9 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Pancha Maya Koshas: The Vital Doorways
Meditation Through The Pancha Maya Koshas
Somatic Yoga Subtle Body Self Care
Activating the Back Chakras
The Subtle Body In Medicine
The Spiral Meditation
The Subtle Body: Everything You Need To Know But Were Afraid To Ask
5 Prana Vayus in Moving Meditation

Lesson 10 Topics and Somatic Yoga Practices Include:

Halo And Aura Sweep
Nerve Flossing
Sliding Side Rotation Into Full Body Spiral
Myofascial For Embodiment and Play
Find The Parts To Feel The Whole
The Roll of Physical Therapy And Manipulative Methods
Unfold Emotion Into Compassion
Concluding Observations

Level 2 October 26 - November 2, 2024

Level 2 Immersive Training Retreat Overview

Prerequisite For The Level 2 Training:  You must have completed Megan’s Somatic Yoga 50 Hour Level 1 training online or in person.

Course Overview:  Broaden your soma tool belt with more practical and theoretical knowledge and spiritual considerations.  The Level 2 Somatic Yoga immersive training builds on Level 1 and will help you to absorb Somatic Yoga as self-care and share confidently from your memory of felt sense.  It takes you deeper into your own body, giving you more opportunity to explore some of the principles of Somatic Yoga as taught in Level 1. 

By offering different scenarios of when to use which movements and tools, and what goes together in creating classes and for specific conditions, Somatic Yoga Level 2 will expand your knowledge. It will give you more confidence in and options to teach Somatic Yoga classes and use Somatic Yoga in therapy. We will explore different variations of Lesson 1 movements, as well as introduce new Somatic Yoga practices, terms, philosophy, assessment methods,

The Level 2 training will review some of the richness of Somatic Yoga tools from Level 1 in specific contexts, along with new opportunities to befriend the body. The course is presented as an in depth workshop style with a focus on a particular areas and issues.   It includes information on the new Somatic Yoga movements and a 100+ page course manual so that you can focus on the embodiment of the movements instead of taking copious notes!

Additionally, as a valued and skilled player in our Somatic Yoga, you will have more time to connect with and endear yourself to your Soma  Community.  You will also be encouraged and supported should you have the aspiration to offer Somatic Yoga classes or workshops with specific focuses such as back care, psoas, SI dysfunction, pelvic floor health, grief and spiritual growth etc. 

Level 2 Content & Course Topics

The second level of the Somatic Yoga Teacher Training includes practicum, theory, philosophy, anatomy, and the gift of grace…for yourself

Certification & Continued Support

Certification: On completion of the Level 2 course, you will be issued a certification of completion for the Somatic Yoga Level 1 and 2, 100 Hours of Training. This course will be listed on both International Association of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Alliance for approved professional development and continuing education credits.

Teacher Directory: If you are a professional sharing Somatic Yoga in one-on-one appointments or group classes and listed on our website, your listing on the Embody with MM Website Certified Teacher Directory will be updated to show that you have completed 100 hours of training. 

Completing the Level 2 course will entitle you to:

Megan is such a great teacher who has a big heart and abundant knowledge and experiences. Not only about Somatics, but also so many precious things as a teacher and a person. The site is so beautiful, full of good energy. The room was very clean and comfortable. The meals were amazing! Incredibly delicious everyday. The music and sound healing was very relaxing and I love the music Michael and Megan created. I am so blessed to have taken this in-person training course.
Eri Hirao, Osaka, Japan
RYT 200, 250 Hr TTC, Yin Yoga Asia TTC
I've had the most insightful, transformative and inspiring time during the 50-hour Somatic Yoga teacher training with Megan and Michael. The training was very professional and comprehensive and the stay at their B&B was amazing. The accommodation, the food, the location, the atmosphere far surpassed my expectations.
Kalyani Hauswirth-Jain, Netherlands
E-RYT 500, co-author 'Hatha Yoga for Teachers & Practitioners'
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