Low Back Pain, Breath, and The Quadratus Lumborum

No single muscle (or pair of muscles like the Quadratus Lumborum – QL) should be held accountable for low back pain. Never the less, if you do have low back pain, the QL muscle is likely to be tight. QL is the deepest supporter in your lumbar spine (L1-L5, AKA ‘low back’). As such, it …

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Stretching? No! What Is the Purpose of Yoga?

The classic teaching of all wisdom traditions is that humans suffer because we forget who we are – Divine BE-ings. We forget who we are because as humans we are hard-wired pleasure seeking survivalist. We seek enjoyment and relief from agitation and pain from things outside of ourselves – drugs (both the prescription kind and the ones that will get you in jail), alcohol, food, working too much, and in our relationships with others. The yogic path reveals that who we seek and what we need is buried inside of us under all of our human roles and repetitions of self-defeating stories.

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