Slow Flow Yoga Classes

Movement for the body, stillness for the mind

Slow Flow is a traditional hatha class to learn and deepen basic postures. Students of all levels gain understanding of linking movement to the breath and alignment principals to optimize postures.  Explore simple flow patterns to increase flexibility, maintain joint function and build heat; hold postures to improve balance and mental calm and strengthen the legs, upper body, spine and abdominal muscles. Practice concludes with a relaxation to allow all systems of the body to integrate. 

Yoga can be transformational

Slow Flow Yoga includes a variety of styles and modalities to help you build a strong foundation for your yoga practice. In addition to common standing postures to increase strength and balance, classes may include:

  • Yin stretches to release tension & fatigue
  • Somatic movement to reeducate muscles
  • Restorative postures to relax more deeply
  • Pranayama to improve concentration
  • Guided meditation to deepen self-awareness

K.I.S.S. Teaching Philosophy

Keep It Simple And Sweet! A Slow Flow Yoga class gives you the time to explore the best alignment for your body with a simplified vinyasa style (movement with the breath), but still plenty of instruction. Modifications and props are offered for more comfort and stillness, and options are given for more flow and challenge.

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Megan is a wonderful teacher and, in general, a beautiful person. I have never felt inferior to her abilities on the yoga mat because she is so inclusive and offers lots of modifications so that everyone can express themselves in the poses to the best of their abilities on any given day.
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Started going to yoga and am glad that I discovered such a wonderful studio. Megan is outstanding - very knowledgeable and passionate about her practice. I feel so much better on the days that I attend.
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Megan is an awesome teacher and she has created a warm, welcome and serene environment. Every class is different and somehow she always seems to hit just what I need.
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Megan is an encyclopedia of yoga and spiritual wellness! She is so well spoken during her yoga classes.
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